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Sunday, June 7, 2009

My treasures...part deux....

Amazing artists at every turn. Boggles the mind. There are so many more that I wished I had pics of...totally off the hook experience.
Rashan Jones - This is such a beautiful bead.
You can see the soft glow of the artist sweet soul in this one.
Kimberly Affleck - The depth and shine of this bead
is just delish...oh wow.

Louis Wilson (aka Dirty Louie) -
To say, I'm a fan of this guys work is just not enough.
This is an artist that does glass for all the right reasons..
...pure joy, captured in time.
I love me some Louie ;-D

Kevin O'Grady. This is truly a WOW piece
that I am so honored to get. I had a brief chat
with this artist and found him to be so generous and kind.
What a beautiful soul ;-D I have no word to describe this bracelet.
Side 1:

Side 2:

My treasures....

This might take two posts, but here's some of the treasures I got on my most excellent adventure.
I got an wonderful bead from my friend,
Trish that reminds me of cherry blossoms...thanks Trish!!

Sheila gave me these two beauties.
Wonderful dichro swirls and white blossoms.
Thanks, Sheila!!

I bought me some new stuffins' to play with.
A girl has to have new toys, right?

Temple of the Sun

Some of my online peeps wanted to see a close up shot of the necklace I wore to B& here's ya'....

Wet Canvas Peeps

I got to meet so many that I knew from was most awesome! I only got a pic of a few of my wonderful "Newbie group" from Wet Canvas. Most excellent adventure!
I got to meet so many others from LE and Facebook, but was so jazzed most of the time, I forgot to whoop out the camera...poo!

This is me, Trish from Sundaisy Gems and our Fairy Princess Mallory from Rosebud 101. I got to meet Deb D as well, but she had to leave before we took out the camera ;-(. I narrowly missed our Karen..dang, I hate time GF! Love ya'all!

The second day, I got to meet with Sheila and we have a great day. She's name online is medusah. I was trying to get our pic by holding the camera at arms pardon the dorky pic...
but hey...we had a blast. Hugs, GF!

Bead and Button fun!

First the pics of peeps and places. WOW...what a great time. I couldn't have had more fun!

ISLAGA posse:

We stayed in what was truly an old world Hilton.
Just breath-taking detail at every turn

The gorgeous street scenes of Milwaukee.

Wish I had gotten more of these.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trip to Morocco..come along?

My Color Challenge for Artists group is going on a mental journey this week. We are going to Morocco.
Here's our inspiration photo.
Luscious silks, rich tapestries,
Tone on tone elegance...ooooh ahhh.

Here's my first try at it with the pillows
in the bottom right as my inspiration.

Now I started to play with colors
that I think of when I think of Morocco.
I am pleased with the results and am still playing
with the direction these are taking.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Last beads of May....

...where did it go.
Funky Flowers

Lime and Dichro..who'd thunk it?

Poppies and Cream

Poppies and Purple...go figure