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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trip to Morocco..come along?

My Color Challenge for Artists group is going on a mental journey this week. We are going to Morocco.
Here's our inspiration photo.
Luscious silks, rich tapestries,
Tone on tone elegance...ooooh ahhh.

Here's my first try at it with the pillows
in the bottom right as my inspiration.

Now I started to play with colors
that I think of when I think of Morocco.
I am pleased with the results and am still playing
with the direction these are taking.


  1. :) very nice :)

  2. :) great beads...i like how you have the swirls and colors of the picture in your work :)

  3. Samma - these are absolutely stunning! Your inspiration is too - the one place I really REALLY want to go is Morocco, well actually Morocco & Egypt & ...ok, lets just make it North Africa & it can count as one place ;o)