Classes with Samma

About Samma

Samma Parcels knew from the age of 6 that she was destined to be an artist.

After traveling the medium stratosphere and using just about everything with which you can creatively use, in 2006, she fired up a long forgotten torch to just make a couple little spacer beads to match a necklace. The rest is history.

Currently working in boroscilicate glass on big girl torches, she has a fidgety
muse that keeps her constantly entertained with shells, other oceania, winged hearts, vessels, marbles and more.

Visit her Studiolockdown blog for the latest. When on self imposed studiolockdown...unless it's bleeding...don't call. ;-D

Samma also has a couple in house critics always at the ready. Sha is a senior pup that has very strong opinions and Rodney Lampworkington is a doofy 3 year old English Springer that you have to take with, not a grain, but the whole shaker of salt.

Samma will bring to Indy Flame Art, beginning boro, blown shells and shards, implosions, marbles, blown vessels and more. Small and private classes are encouraged.

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