Classes with Samma

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ya' know...I was thinking....

After a wonderful online friend featured my blog in a post (thanks, Deb K)  I've been showing my works on Facebook and neglecting my blog!  Now, that just isn't fair!
  I'll show some pics of my current works in a minute. 
  I busily getting ready for The Gathering.  For those that don't follow the ISGB, to boil it down, it's an international glass conference.  I am lucky and honored this year to be teaching and presenting my blow glass sea shells.  I'm so excited about this event that I get all squigglie at times.
  The To Do lists are almost done and next week will be clothes shopping and pampering, then off to Rochester, NY

The two series that I have focused on lately are my blown glass sea shell and my one color and clear focal beads.  I've added fins, flares and fans to the shells and like them much better.  I have been able to push the color with the reaction to the clear in boro and added black bead caps to my focal beads.  AND, oh yes, they are getting bigger and bigger with a 4" bead being common these days.

Thanks for visiting and here's some pics ;-D  Samma