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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wet Canvas Peeps

I got to meet so many that I knew from was most awesome! I only got a pic of a few of my wonderful "Newbie group" from Wet Canvas. Most excellent adventure!
I got to meet so many others from LE and Facebook, but was so jazzed most of the time, I forgot to whoop out the camera...poo!

This is me, Trish from Sundaisy Gems and our Fairy Princess Mallory from Rosebud 101. I got to meet Deb D as well, but she had to leave before we took out the camera ;-(. I narrowly missed our Karen..dang, I hate time GF! Love ya'all!

The second day, I got to meet with Sheila and we have a great day. She's name online is medusah. I was trying to get our pic by holding the camera at arms pardon the dorky pic...
but hey...we had a blast. Hugs, GF!

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  1. Samma, I had a wonderful time too! It was great to see you!!!! I can not wait to get together some time and torch with you!!! Glad you had a great time.