Classes with Samma

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Let's just make this as difficult as we can...yantoo?

As if photographing glass isn't
challenging enough...lets throw
some engraving on the back and
see if we can't pull our hair out
all together!
I've been messing with engraving
and will show you my first piece,
that's kind of icky...but a start and
then a special piece I was honored
to do last night.
Icky flower:

This special piece goes to a good

neighbor that is being baptized on
Sunday, July 4. The cross has a slight
flare to indicate his Native American
heritage and the nails in the cross
are obvious, but also stands for the
three of them in their family binded
by faith. The clear heart bail is for the
purity of love he has found. I'm honored
to be asked to make this special piece ;-D.


  1. What a lovely pendant, and one I'm sure he will always cherish! Samma, You are a beautiful person who makes beautiful glass.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, Sam