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Monday, June 14, 2010

10 Foot Tall and Bulletproof

Yup, that's how I'm feeling today.
Anyone that knows me...I'm not shy
at all, BUT the thought of asking someone
for something (even at a fast food drive thru)
sends shivers down my spine.
Sooo....I got my big girl britches on today
and marched down to the police station
(my new best friends) and asked to reclaim
the items recovered from the many robberies
at my house. Took all I had but "my baby" is home.
This is my family ring that contains my
Momma's, Grandmother's and Great Grandmother's
wedding diamonds. I'm sooooo happy to have her
back. It's been almost a year and I'm so thankful
that among other things, this special
(not replaceable) piece was recovered. Thank you
so much to the diligence of our local police dept.
I truly appreciate you!!!

AND, I called my Dr's office to ask for

a piece of paper. Woot diddy woot...I'm on a roll! is grand!


  1. Yep...can't disagree that life is grand. I am sooo happy you have the heirloom back where it belongs.

  2. Samma, Just seeing this and I'm getting all misty eyed. I remember the loss and am so thrilled for you that you are reunited with your baby. What a blessing. It is as beautiful as its owner. Maggie