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Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Holiday Ahhhhhh ;-D

Hope you and yours enjoyed your Holiday Season.  Ours was fantastic this year.
  All the knitties went over in grand style and my fingers were glad for a tiny break.  Here's a few  odds and ends gifties that I passed out to loved ones.
These went to B.  I had a sneaky sack by the knitting nest so I could knit on them quickly while he was out of the house.  Phew...that was a close one.

OK, so maybe I am not so generous....I kept this one. ;-D

For SS Dustin and below for his love, Paige.  I know it's corney, but these match their new puppy!

AND, for (probably Piper) below a hat, 'cause I'm gonna' be a Sammaw.

Santa was VERY good to me and I spent the day yesterday, dashing about buying yarn and a swift and winder.  NOW, that's some fun stuff there ;-D


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