Classes with Samma

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well, Howdy! Been a while ;-D

I've been a FA-REEK at the torch in the past few months.  Here's a rock over the top catch up for ya'.
Beads...bunches o' beads!


I mean GOBS o' Fobs!
New style of marbles for me and
 my first marble show in 2 days

AND...sweetest of all, I got a new kitty, Ernie
He has thumbs!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous,and the kitty too!!!
    Greetings Daniela

  2. Wow! Beautiful! Everything, esp your kitty with thumbs!!!!

  3. I hope the marble show goes well! The new marbles look fantastic.

    The kitty is cute too. I'm curious how he got the name Ernie, because of all the cats who have been called Mittens, for this one it looks like the name would actually fit.

  4. Thanks so much peeps. Ernie is a sweetie ;-D
    Legend has it that all polydactyls (kitties with thumbs) originate from the estate of Ernest Hemingway...thus "Ernie" ;-D Samma