Classes with Samma

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ummm...I've been thinkin'...

...and it ocurred to me that I have been so caught
up in the creative process of lampworking that I
have never made a piece with MY lampwork in it???? 
I've made pieces with others' lampwork
(mostly Juls and Littlecrow) but not mine.
  Then...up jumped the boogie...hey..howdy...
...THAT'S MINE...string me up baby! 
Here's my lily necklace ;-D.


  1. Love! Your focal is S T U N N I N G, and I am *so* happy to see a seed bead on your blog that I think I peed a little.


    Love you, sista!

  2. Mallory - thanks, darlin' ;-D

    Sis - You made me laugh! Remember those two cut rubies we got in Nashville?...well, I used 'em ;-D Hugs