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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Experimentation and Newness ;-?

Well, you know how sharing I can be. 
I shared a cup of coffee with my keyboard...oops. 
Since the computer was bought in 2004 and getting
goofier by the day, I went and bought a new laptop ;-D
Ummm.....when did they do away with the
 numbers pad and move all the letters around? 
Learning curve straight ahead.

   Torched at the studio with Lisa yesterday and
 it's basically the land of soft things...including glass. 
I made these marblse that garaged all day but  not ramped
 up to strike or anneal.  I thought it might be interesting to
see boro before kiln striking and after.  They are in todays'
kiln the after pics can come tomorrow.
  Here's the before shots:
Vortex Marble

Floral Marble


  1. They are gorgeous, and look better in person!! The flower marble is AWESOME!!!

  2. The are fabulous! The vortex is amazing. Love the colors. Sorry to hear about your keyboard coffee incident :) My son almost did the same to my laptop with water... thank goodness for quick reflexes. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Heather