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Friday, May 14, 2010

Juicy Little Tidbits

So I got in the mood to make some little
round beads..ummm...for a minute...
so I made some juicy little tidbits.
And in honor of all my fabu glass buds
that have beads going up on the
space shuttle today....a beads eye view:

Now back to the regularly scheduled

eclectic programming.....and a little scuba side trip ;-D


  1. lovin the beads! and curious about the space shuttle!

  2. Hey, Michelle...thanks! Nasa had a contest for artists to make "space" beads and the winners got to go up on the space shuttle yesterday. When they return, they will have a certificate with them and be given to the Beads of Courage. Beads of Courage is a program that works with seriously ill children and they get the beads for acts of courage, like chemo treatments, ambulance trips, shots and's a super thing. Many of my bead bud entered and there beads left on the shuttle yesterday. I'm so excited for them all ;-D Samma

  3. Hey Sis~ In case noone has said it lately, you are awesome.

    There is proof on my blog.
    Love you!

  4. sweet! Thank you so much. You Rock! I will add and pass along some kudos this weekend ;-D Love ya bunches! Samma