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Saturday, February 27, 2010

STOP...right there!

JK...stoppers and a marble
for your viewing pleasure ;-D
A customer ordered a set of red and
black stoppers for her bar.

Here's the coordinating duo.

Red flower...just 'cause ;-D

Blue marble - testing some Chinese boro

Oh...and a pansy for good measure???


  1. Very pretty. Love your glass


  2. The blue marble sure looks like it passed the test!
    Very pretty.

  3. Lovely lovely work! I know she will use them with pride and you can send them with pride. Your work is so gorgeous!

  4. Hi Samma:-) Just wanted to let you know that your gorgeous heart bead has arrived and I absolutely love it!! I'm just thrilled that I was one of your OWOH winners:-) I so admire your work, everything is beautiful. Thank you again so much!! xo

  5. Thanks pals.
    Pea, so glad you got your surprise and liked it. Enjoy. Thank you for letting me know it got there ;-DDD Samma