Classes with Samma

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Favs of the week....

Time is marching by to quickly...
here's a few favs from this week ;-D
Blues Heart with hand pulled feather cane:

Golden heart - bought by a friend that adores

Red Tailed, huh?

Silver Creek this glass!

Tiger Eye Heart...looks JUST like the gemstone

And my challenge of the week,

for a customer, was to capture a
Heart of Gold. Can you see the twinklies?


  1. Sam these are lovely.. I like everything about these hearts.. they are so you! Even how you hang these hearts are special.. its a little heart shape too! how fun... :-)

  2. Samma, I can't get enough of these hearts...they are truly unique and beautiful. I love the wings made with the new cane!!

  3. Ya'all are too sweet. Thank you so much! Samma

  4. I already posted at OWOH and then went to your Etsy shop and noted you are in IN! Do you know Lisa Walsh or ....ummm..I think it's Sharon, at Inspired Fire here in Lafayette? One of my lace friends has almost completely abdicated to the fire and left us behind. :-) Gina