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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lisa Atchison - Change of Seasons

One of my true joys this summer has been being able to torch often with Lisa Atchison. If you have never seen one of her beads in person...they are sheer perfection.

Me being a person that ONLY LOVES summer, I can actually appreciate the change of seasons thru Lisa's beads. Follow her blog here and be sure to watch her Etsy store...they go quick...grab them while you can ;-D

When looking into the sky and seeing the constellations,
you know that the seasons are about to change.
Here's Gemini:

Spring - Little Crocus popping thru the spring blades

Summer - Hot bubble from the it!

Blazing Hot Fall Colors

Harvest Moon: How Romantic

Winter White - I could even stand winter

if it were this beautiful ;-D

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